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About Us


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Throughout the history of Greece, there is a long and storied tradition of hospitality. Filoxenia, the Greek word for hospitality, emphasizes the importance of friendship, food, and libations.

At the core of The Mad Greek is our dedicated team of chefs and staff, that make sure our customers enjoy a unique combination of efficient service and tasteful experiences. Our food is to be shared and enjoyed amongst family and friends in a laid-back, lively atmosphere so feel free to visit our restaurant or simply, gather with your favourite company order our food online for takeaway or delivery.

Our team of experienced chefs have the expertise to cook a variety of authentic Greek dishes and will present them to you in a traditional style. The Mad Greek Restaurant offers such a mouth-watering array of dishes to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice with our great selection.

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What makes the Mad Greek Special?

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Greek Culture

Food and wine have been central to our culture since the beginning of Greek civilisation. Ambrosia, the food of the gods was said to give immortality and Dionysus, the ancient god of wine, played a central role in society. Food is a huge part of Greek culture. as it has to do with much more than just flavours and dishes. It has to do with the excellent ingredients, the lengthy procedure involved in preparing the food, and the culture of sharing dishes with others
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Fresh & Local

Visit our award-winning restaurant in Leeds, and discover fantastic local produce while enjoying a fun family day out. It is important to us that we try and source as much of our food as possible, locally to support our fellow traders and contribute to the local economy. In addition, most of our ingredients are sourced fresh, daily to ensure you get the full taste when trying our ancient Greek recipes on your next visit to The Mad Greek.
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Quality Food

We have always served fresh food, made with the best ingredients to provide our customers with dishes that are truly based on original Greek recipes. Our extensive menu has a wide range of Greek meze (starters), main dishes and desserts for you to savour. Visit us throughout the day and evening, for a warm and inviting yet lively dining experience typical of the Mediterranean or simply order online for a fast delivery, directly to your door!  
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